We decided to bring skincare to Anagen 11 because we felt like there was a void in our services. We realized we were sending our clients to other places for highly demanded services.

As we value brides and bridal parties we found that we could provide more for them by offering more tailored services to suit their needs. Now, not only can we give them the hair they envisioned for their big day but we can also work with them to fall in love with their skin.

By bringing in skincare to our salon, we have more to offer for our clients. We feel we can better service our clients who are asking for skin care advice and we also feel we will gain a whole realm of clients in the skin industry. 


Therapeutic Facial: $45+

Anti Aging Facial: $45+

Problematic Facial: $45+

Back Facial: $45+

Facial & Peel: $100+

Chemical Peel: $60+

Bronzing: $35+


Extractions: $10+

Eye Zone Treatment: $15

Lip Treatment: $10+


Pamper Yourself: $225+ 

Includes facial, back facial, chemical peel. bronzing and body wax of choice*


Bikini: $20+                       

Brazilian: $40+

Chin: $15+

Chest: $20+

Eyebrow: $15+

Full Arm/ Half Arm: $30+/$20+

Full Back: $25+

Full Face: $40

Full Leg/ Half Leg: $30+/ $20+

Lip: $15+

Stomach: $15+

Underarm: $20+

* Exclusions may apply

+ Prices are dependent on service provider and may vary accordingly. 


PCA Available @ Anagen 11

Questions? Call 920.996.0007

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