Christopher Cody Hartl


I started working behind the chair & freelance in 2009. Collaborating on a variety of personal/professional/commercial projects. I have trained in various cutting, coloring, and extension applications. Constant education has taught me that anything is possible to enhance your current style. I am what I would call myself an overly socially active nerd type personality with calculated creative tendencies.With that being said, I look forward to not only meeting but working with you!

Jessica Rondinelli


I started my career behind the chair in 2008. I've continued to enrich and grow my professional career by making a commitment to continuing education and creative work. I am trained in advanced hair cutting, coloring, design and extensions. I am a professional airbrush makeup artist and have worked extensively with photographers and brides to create looks for their clients or their big day! I believe that every great service begins with an even better consultation. I strive to create the most tailor made look for each individual guest. My phrase is simple "If you aren't going to do it right, don't do it all" I look forward to creating for YOU!

Jessica Wheeler


I began my cosmetology career in 2008. Extensively trained behind the chair in cutting, coloring, and styling techniques, I am also a certified airbrush makeup artist. While growing my business and craft, I have experienced the beauty industry as a salon employee, independent stylist, and salon owner, which have all lead me to one conclusion: Everything is about the client experience. Trust between a stylist and client is the key to creating your perfect look and pushing your styling limits to uncover a new, more confident version of yourself. Whatever your reason for needing a salon professional, I look forward to creating a unique experience tailored just for you.  

Jenn Mullard

P: 9208517439

 I entered the hair industry in 2009. I've worked full-time perfecting and specializing in razor hair cutting techniques, modern fashion cuts, coloring, air brush makeup, and rocking out special occasion updos! An artist at heart, I love bringing my fun edgy style and creativity into my consultations to fine tailor a look to fit your unique lifestyle. I believe in paying attention to detail and building a relationship with each client to best serve all your beauty desires! 

Mark H Plowman

P: 9205741905


I started in the industry in 2011. I was introduced to hair while I was a fashion stylist. I knew it was the next natural progression to stay in the fashion industry. Since day one, absorbing everything and anything I can, so I can become a better stylist than I was yesterday. Taking part in photo shoots, trying new techniques, and continuing education are what fuel my work and craft. Education and sharing are a huge part of my service to you. I want to give you the right information,so you can feel and see the beauty in your everyday life.

Jennifer Christensen

P: 9207910776


I began my journey in the beauty industry in 2008. I've been trained and mentored, not only in advanced hair cutting/coloring techniques, extensions, makeup and aesthetics, but also in customer service. It is my duty to achieve together what you are looking for in a hairstyle all while enjoying your entire experience in the salon. I think the two most important parts of a great partnership are consultation and education. My promise is to give you both.

Liv Kapheim

P: 9202139211


I graduated from The Salon Professional Academy in September of 2015. I’ve always known that I wanted to be part of this industry. The energy, pace and constant change mimic my personality. I live being able to interact with people and help them feel their best. Having endless opportunities makes being part of the Anagen 11 team I look forward to everyday! My goal with you is to create a personalized look that you and I both feel confident in!  

Jenna Dickson

P: 9207651406

I am so excited to be a part of the Anagen 11 team! I was introduced to this industry in 2012 where I was modeling in a photoshoot. Ever since that first initial day, my passion only continued to grow. In November 2015, I graduated from The Salon Professional Academy with honors of being part of the Tops 10’s list and was Student of the Month in July. I like to believe to portray great interpersonal skills, therefore providing you with thorough understanding of why we choose the cut, color and style best suited for you. Afterall, at the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction that is most important. I look forward to meeting you and creating something authentically beautiful!

Maddi Van Thiel

P: 9207509715


Being in the beauty industry has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I officially entered the cosmetology field in 2014. Anagen 11 offers me the opportunity to be creative and step outside of the ordinary box. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team with such wonderful people and a beautiful environment. One of my goals as a stylist is to constantly be learning, growing, and improving. I strive to develop and perfect my techniques by continuing education and never setting limits for myself. My commitment to you is to offer an inspiring experience where you can feel free to express yourself. I truly love what I do.

Kate Collar


14 years ago, I began my journey in the beauty industry, as the saying goes "time flies when you're having fun". I specialize in creating short hairstyles to compliment every lifestyle. Together, with thorough consultation, we will navigate the details of what your ideal cut, style and color consists of. I love teaching my clients different tricks and techniques to achieve a different look from day to day.
Short hair may be my forte, but I love doing all lengths and styles of hair including formal styles and updos for any special event.
I look forward to meeting new guests and making their experience positive and relaxing.

Julia Huey


Makeup Makeup Makeup!
Hair Hair Hair! I have been creating and growing in the beauty industry since 2012. Starting with makeup my passion grew into hair cutting and coloring! I love doing edgy yet livable fashion. Together we can find a style that is unique and expressive to you! From tousled to precise finishes, lets help you recreate your look at home! I'm so excited to meet you so we can create, inspire and grow together! 

Eric Gillis

I began my career in the hair industry 10 years ago in 2007. Since then I have continued to grow my career by continuously doing ongoing education and training, to stay current with all the trends.
I personally believe it is all about the client and their experience. It all starts with the client consultation, to get a better sense of their exact needs and wants. I truly strive to go above and beyond for every single client. Whatever you need from me, I will always try and achieve to my fullest abilities.
I look forward to servicing you, and sharing your experience with each and every one of you.

Kristin Melville

My career in the beauty industry started 10 years ago when I decided to attend school for cosmetology. I quickly learned that my true passion was in the health and beautification of the skin. To me, skin is where beauty begins. Having a healthy base gives a person the confidence to grow, and try new and exciting things, like that bold new shade of lipstick or taking that cross country road trip! A person's smile is brightest when they're exuding confidence and I will constantly strive to help a person find that.

Jenna Leigh

I started my career behind the chair in 2012. Since then I've had training in designer color techniques, Bumble and Bumble razor cutting, Tony and Guy shear cutting, extensions, texture services, and all types of styling. I feel that I am a well-rounded stylist in that I can create looks that either adhere to your edgy/ fashion-forward self, or keep things conservative and natural (all while still making you look your best). I am also a firm believer in working towards your hair dreams together as a team! After all, your hair is an investment you wear everyday!

Katharine Steinberg 

The beauty industry has been an interest of mine since I was 13 and experienced my first “bad haircut” and my mother took me to the drug store for makeup to counteract the “boyish” haircut. Since that fateful day, I have been gathering experience in many different facets of customer service as well as continuously growing my passion of the beauty industry.  As fate would have it, Anagen 11 was seeking a new Salon Operations Coordinator to join their team and I knew that was where my journey needed to take me. Being on their team has given me an entirely new appreciation for the beauty industry and a deeper understanding of how unique this salon is. I truly look forward to extending that experience to you as well.

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